JEJE® is a highly concentrated African Ginger Elixir. It helps to cleanse the bronchial tubes and lungs of mucus. It helps to clear the sinuses, allowing you to breathe better and combat hay fever symptoms. JEJE® is an anti-inflammatory, it helps to improve blood circulation, aids weight loss, reduces the risk of diabetes, relieves period pains. It can settle an upset stomach, prevent heart disease and generally lower the risk of disease. Elderberry is an essential ingredient as it helps to clean the blood, provide energy and build the immune system. This Elixir works exceptionally well when you are worrying less, walking more, eating healthier, drinking water, taking frequent naps, exercising patience & self love. This is a potent shot. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. THE AFRICAN GINGER SETTLES AT THE BOTTOM. Mix 25ml of contents to 250ml of spring water.Drink 1 Shot (125ml) in the AM & PM. Drink 1 Hour Before Food



  • Quantity: 100ml

    Ingredients: A High Concetration of Elderberry & African Ginger

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