2 x Powers 100ml

2 x Iron 500ml


POWERS - Powers® is a potent iron rich African Elixir made from the finest herbs from the tropics. It is an energizer and revitalizer that opens the blood vessels wider to improve blood flow. This process allows oxygen rich blood to reach the brain and central nervous system, simultaneously increasing sexual performance in males. Females can also benefit because of its ability to stimulate, electrify and cleanse the reproductive organs and balance hormones, which in turn increases the libido. This Elixir works exceptionally well when you are worrying less, walking more, eating healthier, drinking water, taking frequent naps, exercising patience & self love.

Quantity: 100ml

Ingredients: Yellow Dock, Sarsasparilla, Blue Vervain, Elderberry, Red Clover, Burdock, Mimosa Pudica, Seamoss, Bugleweed, Cascara Sagrada, African Ginger, Key Lime.


How To Consume: This is a powerful shot. Mix 25ml of contents to 250ml of spring water. Per serving. You can also consume it all at once on an empty stomach for maximum affect. Drink 500ml of spring water afterwards



IRON - Iron is the mineral that conveys oxygen to the brain. It contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen 

(the CHO chain). When you are deficient in iron, you are susceptible to a whole bunch of diseases. Iron is the spark plug of the human body and it is the only mineral on the planet that is magnetic. 

Being that iron is magnetic it has a tendency to pull other minerals to it. It pulls magnesium, zinc, gold, calcium, phosphorous, etc. So when you take iron you are taking all other minerals at a proportionate balance. Iron also dissolves inflammation, meaning that it can shrink and eventually remove tumors. Anemia and diabetes are not the only diseases that a lack of iron can cause. The lack of iron can cause up to 40 manifestations of disease. Without iron the body loses energy and the immune system, which protects you from all disease begins to give way. There is no oxygen going to the brain when iron is low, which undermines your thinking. Without iron we wrinkle at a young age and can no longer walk with a straight back, and we tend to sway. The body naturally uses the amount of 3 tablespoons of iron a day. Dr. Sebi recommends 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. You can drink iron and you can eat iron.


Quantity: 100ml

Ingredients: Yellow Dock, Sarsasparilla, Blue Vervain, Elderberry, Burdock.

How To Consume: Using a shot glass (25ml). Take 1 Shot in the AM. 1 Shot in the PM.



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