Eat To Live Not To Die have found that the root cause of all disease is mucus. Disease manifests in the body where mucus has accumulated. If there is mucus in the nose it’s called sinusitis. In the lungs, pneumonia. In the bronchial tubes, bronchitis etc.


The human body has no use for acidity (acid foods). Many people believe that the body needs protein because it contains essential amino acids but where does it fit. The human body has 102 minerals and when one of those minerals are depleted, your body becomes sick. If iron is depleted you become anaemic. If calcium becomes depleted you’ll have rickets or arthritis. If you cannot think straight you are lacking of carbon and copper, which is what the cells of the brain contains. The body is electrical, it moves. You cannot move unless the body is electrical. There could be no movement/motion without electricity within the body. So if you are going to eat protein it better be electrical because the body only assimilates electric foods (alkaline foods) through chemical affinity. This is called assimilation. You cannot put petrol in a diesel car or dead food in a live body. If you love life, why consume death.


So we are here to set things straight with sound right reasoning. We have been misled and mis-educated about health and

nutrition for too long. Our research is from Dr Sebi, his teachings provides us with the knowledge and overstanding that we deliver

to you. We also acquire some of our information from Professor Arnold Ehret's, however we do not condone all of his teachings. 

We do this for those who care about eating to live. Please share our findings as we are obligated to share our findings with you.

The People. Knowledge Talks, Wisdom Listens.